NSW Labor and Liberal-National Government open the door to Central Coast commercial airport

Last night the NSW Legislative Council passed a Bill, with support from both NSW Labor and the Liberal-National Government, that has left residents unprotected from a large-scale, commercial airport here on the Central Coast. 

If it proceeds, the commercial airport will have disastrous consequences for job creation in the Warnervale Employment Zone, the biodiversity of the Porters Creek Wetlands and the amenity and wellbeing of local residents in Jilliby and Warnervale.

Abigail Boyd, Greens NSW Spokesperson for Hunter, Newcastle & Central Coast says:

“Last night the Liberals, Nationals and NSW Labor took a sledgehammer to protections that have been in place for residents of Warnervale, Jilliby and the Central Coast for over 20 years.

“By repealing the Warnervale Airport Restriction Act, NSW Labor and the Liberal-National Government have left the door open to their developer mates to build a commercial airport right here on the coast.

“It doesn’t matter that a commercial airport makes no sense for our region. There is no demand for such a facility, no jobs to be created and a viable business case is still nowhere to be found.

“It’s nothing short of disappointing to see NSW Labor backflip on this issue and abandon our community. If they had held firm we would have easily had the numbers to keep these protections in place.”

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