No More Animal Testing

Today Abigail supported a motion to require greater transparency from the NSW Government on all incidents of welfare concerns regarding animals used for medical research. Abigail indicated the Greens' stance against the animal experimentation industry.

In supporting the motion, Abigail said (15:34): 

On behalf of The Greens I make a contribution to debate in support of this motion. I endorse the comments made by the Hon. Emma Hurst. The Greens are committed to ensuring the welfare and well-being of all animals and we stand against the cruel and unnecessary use of animal experimentation in medical research. We urge that there be a focus shift towards the availability, effectiveness and funding for alternative research methods and technologies. I know that many other countries have moved away from animal testing in medical research and it begs the question: Why can we not do the same? If it is a matter of cost I find that very concerning. We agree with the Hon. Emma Hurst and believe that the public deserves to know what is being done with public money.

Greater transparency over what is being done with the money would enable the public to decide whether this type of research aligns with community expectations. Having that understanding and knowing exactly what the money is being spent on, we will be better able to work out whether there are alternatives to the type of research that is being done with our money. Ultimately this comes down to a lack of transparency from this Government on the spending of significant amounts of money. It is time that the details were open so that we can be on the same page and have a sensible and informed debate about this money. The Greens support the motion.


To see the full debate, visit Hansard here.

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