Labor's 2024 NSW Budget — another austerity budget?

The NSW Labor Government are set to hand down their second Budget next week. They have hinted at another austerity budget, which is just not good enough. 

Most recently, a $1 billion accounting error has been held up as an explanation for why the people of NSW don’t deserve nice things in the coming state budget. I was quick to call out this budget trickery, and insist the government don’t hand down an austerity budget in a cost of living crisis. 

The Greens have put Labor on notice time and time again for failing to properly look after people and planet, particularly those who are most vulnerable and struggling under the crushing weight of multiple social crises. 

As the Greens Treasury Spokesperson, I look forward to scrutinising the 2024-25 NSW Budget, and will be holding the Labor Government to account if they fail to deliver for people and planet. 

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