International Anti-Street Harassment Week

Today Abigail highlighted the importance of International Anti-Street Harassment Week, specifically the impact of street harassment on women, gender diverse people and people with disability.

Abigail moved:

(1) That this House notes that the week of 3 April 2022 was International Anti-Street Harassment Week, which raises awareness for how pervasive street harassment is and how much it negatively affects the lives of so many people, and calls on all levels of society to work together to end street harassment.

(2) That this House notes that, according to a study by Plan International Australia, published in April 2022:

(a) one in five young Australian women feel less safe alone at night than they did before the COVID-19 pandemic;

(b) only 5 per cent of women aged between 18 and 24 felt safer in public places such as streets, train stations and parks, while almost 20 per cent felt less safe in public places;

(c) one in three young women with a disability said they felt less safe today than they did before the pandemic; and

(d) 42 per cent of women and gender diverse people under 20 years old reported they felt unsafe largely due to sexual harassment.

(3) That this House calls on the New South Wales Government to take direct action to create inclusive spaces for women and gender‑diverse people through dedicated prevention efforts to address the underlying gendered drivers of harassment, strong advocacy and frontline support for victims of harassment and assault, and accessible reporting tools.

Motion agreed to.


The full transcript can be found in Hansard, here.

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