Greens MPs write to the Police Minister demanding justice for Blockade Australia

Today Abigail & Sue wrote to the Police Minister calling for the immediate halt of draconian policing methods being employed against peaceful Blockade Australia climate protesters.

The letter reads:

"Dear Minister,

I write to you today about the ongoing police operation that is being conducted against Blockade Australia.

It has come to my attention that NSW Police Officers are knocking on the doors of people that they have identified as being connected to the Blockade Australia movement. People are being summarily interviewed on their doorsteps by uniformed police who are recording responses to a set standardised questions.

I have also been informed that people have been pulled over by police while driving their vehicles to work, which indicates that the police have been provided extensive details on some people including their vehicle registrations. This level of surveillance is extreme and seems to be being undertaken across the state in multiple Local Government Areas that are not within the Sydney area.

The actions of the police in this matter are tantamount to intimidation, harassment and bullying of people who might only have a passing connection to the Blockade Australia organisation.

I call on you to immediately stop the policing methods employed.

I further call on you to review the processes and procedures that have led to the NSW Police bailing people up in their homes and on public roads without warning and without evidence or any reasonable suspicion of any crime being conducted.

The actions of the NSW Police in this instance is harming the reputation of your Government and the trust that is supposed to exist between the Police and the community.


Sue Higginson, Greens NSW Spokesperson for Justice, Member of the Legislative Council
Abigail Boyd, Greens NSW Spokesperson on the Attorney General, Member of the Legislative Council"



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