Greens welcome call for Territorial Limits Bill to be dumped

Today’s report by the parliamentary inquiry into the NSW Coalition’s Territorial Limits Bill has recommended that the Bill not proceed. Further, the committee found that there was no need to change the current legislation.

“The committee’s report is scathing and recommends in the strongest possible terms that the Bill not proceed in its current form,” said Abigail Boyd, Greens MP and spokesperson for Mining, and a member of the inquiry.

“We welcome the Committee’s view that New South Wales has not only local responsibility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also global responsibility.

“After considering submissions from a number of community groups as well as industry representatives, the Committee has clearly stated its opposition to removing the consideration of greenhouse gases from the planning assessment process.”

“After this disastrous bushfire season, we must consider scope 3 emissions because of their contributions to climate change impacts in NSW. We can’t continue feeding the world’s fossil fuel addiction if we are to have any hope of dealing with this climate crisis that threatens our environment and our communities,” said Cate Faehrmann Greens MP and spokesperson for the Environment.

“Throughout the inquiry, it was made clear that legal and environmental experts were opposed to this bill. We received nearly 3,000 online submissions from the community too that were overwhelmingly opposed.

“The Greens will be opposing this Bill if it comes before the Parliament especially as it was the result of intense lobbying by the Minerals Council.”

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