Greens to Support Transition to Digital Land Titles System

Today Abigail spoke briefly in support of the Real Property Amendment (Certificates of Title) Bill 2021, emphasising the need to ensure the transition is safe, secure, and in the best interest of NSW residents. 

The Bill will finalise the transition of the NSW land titles system from paper process to a completely digital one, a transition which has been underway for several years. The new digital system presents many benefits, however Abigail addressed the importance of ensuring that the process is as secure and safe as possible for all members of our communities.  

Abigail said (20:07): 

On behalf of The Greens, I support the Real Property Amendment (Certificates of Title) Bill 2021. We listened very carefully to the comments that were made by the Labor shadow Minister in the lower House— They were very persuasive. 

We share some of the concerns raised by the Opposition's stakeholders and we recommend that those concerns be addressed. We acknowledge that they are ancillary to the bill rather than part of the bill itself. I note two of those concerns. First, we must ensure that the transition to a wholly digital conveyancing system is secure and safe, and that we are protecting and securing ourselves against fraudulent activity and misconduct. Secondly, we must ensure that the removal of Control of the Right to Deal, or CoRD, does not result in residents losing any property ownership rights to the mortgagee, especially in relation to dealings being permitted without the consent of the CoRD holder. With those brief remarks, I indicate that The Greens will support the bill.

The full transcript can be found on Hansard here.

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