Abigail will be joining the new inquiry into puppy farming in NSW. This comes after the LNP Government refused to commit to banning puppy farming... 

In supporting AJP's amendment to the Companion Animals Bill which seeks to crack down on puppy farming in NSW, Abigail said: 

On behalf of The Greens, I speak in support of the Companion Animals Amendment (Puppy Farms) Bill 2021. I note that earlier today a select committee was established to inquire into and report on puppy farming, and I look forward to participating in that important inquiry as a member of the committee. With Victoria having introduced new laws to crack down on puppy farming in 2017, the landscape in New South Wales has changed since the 2015 joint committee inquiry into puppy farming. The time has come to revisit how we can end this cruel industry. 

I thank the Hon. Emma Hurst for putting puppy farms back on the agenda with the bill and the Hon. Mick Veitch for initiating the inquiry. I also recognise the work of so many individuals and organisations in raising the plight of companion animals bred and held captive in intensive farming. Their role in keeping the victims of puppy farms in the public consciousness cannot be overstated. 


The full transcript can be found in Hansard, here.

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