Greens to Chair Inquiry on Economic Impacts of Toll Roads

NSW Greens MP Abigail Boyd will be chairing a new parliamentary inquiry into the economic impacts of toll roads in NSW. The inquiry will look into the impact of Sydney's toll roads on economic inequality for long distance commuters, and whether selling off tolling revenue is in the long-term interests of the State's finances. 

The inquiry will examine road tolling in New South Wales will consider the different tolling regimes that apply to our key motorways, including the M2, M4, M5, M7, Cross City Tunnel, Eastern Distributor, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel, Westconnex, North Connex and the Lane Cove Tunnel. It will also look at the impact of toll costs on drivers, the rationale for toll increases and the extent of toll relief provided to road users. 

Abigail Boyd, The Chair of the Committee, said:

“We understand that toll costs can have a significant impact on drivers. This inquiry will look at how toll prices are set for different motorways and road users, which geographical areas are most impacted by these costs and why toll increases can be higher than CPI increases.

“Given the amount of money paid in road tolls, this inquiry will also look at whether tolling arrangements across NSW, particularly those involving private toll-road operators, provide value for money for drivers and are in the long-term financial interests of the State.”


Submissions are open until 23 May 2021 and can be lodged online here

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