Greens Swipe Left on NSW Police Commissioner Consent App

Greens NSW Women’s Spokespeople Abigail Boyd and Jenny Leong have slammed the NSW Police Minister’s proposal for a Consent App as a thought bubble that makes it clear he isn’t paying attention or listening to survivors or experts.

Jenny Leong Greens NSW Spokesperson for Women’s Rights said:

“What we need is reform to the Crimes Act to enshrine enthusiastic consent, what we need is holistic consent education, what we need is justice for victim-survivors – the last thing we need for stopping rape and assault in our society is a ‘Consent App’.

“An app will not be able to rid society of male entitlement or inequality – both of which sit at the heart of tackling issues of consent.

“Consent is not something that can be accurately captured through a tick box or a one-time check in, the only thing this would potentially do is provide yet another way for perpetrators to pressure women into providing them cover for their assault.”

Abigail Boyd Greens NSW Spokesperson for Women’s Equity & Economic Justice said:

“It’s great to see the Police Commissioner come to the table on the issue of sexual consent, and to acknowledge that consent must be active and ongoing. 

“But I sincerely hope that this is just an initial thought bubble and not a serious suggestion.

“Consent is not as simple as simply pressing a button.“

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