Greens Introduce Bill To Protect Sex Workers From Discrimination

Today Greens NSW Upper House MP Abigail Boyd will introduce a Bill to protect sex workers against discrimination by adding sex work as a protected class under the Anti-Discrimination Act.

Greens NSW MP Abigail Boyd says:

“Currently sex workers are refused housing, denied services and have job applications rejected simply on the basis of their chosen occupation.

“In 1995 we were world leaders when we decriminalised sex work in NSW. Yet 25 years later sex workers are still being harassed, assaulted and made to face an enduring stigma around their line of work.

“Our Bill introduces concrete legal protections for sex workers by adding them as a protected class to the Anti-Discrimination Act.

“No one should face discrimination for simply doing their job. Sex work is work, it’s time we treated it as such,” Ms Boyd said.

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