Greens announce bill to establish Independent Animal Welfare Office

Today Abigail introduced a Greens Bill to establish an Independent Office of Animal Welfare to oversee the enforcement of animal welfare laws.

With the Minister for Agriculture and the Department of Primary Industries having responsibility for animal welfare, for too long the welfare and protection of animals has taken a backseat to the interests of the agriculture industry. 

In 2020, Abigail was part of a Parliamentary Inquiry into Animal Cruelty Laws which found that the Government must establish an independent body to oversee animal welfare and animal cruelty.

Too many animals are harmed every day - the Greens are committed to ensuring that animal welfare always takes priority over profits. 

In 2015, Greens Senator for NSW Lee Rhiannon introduced a similar Bill to the Federal Parliament. Today, Abigail continues this work in advocating for all animals across the state who have been failed by the Government for too long.

For more information about the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment (Independent Office of Animal Welfare) Bill 2022 visit this link.

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