Farm Transitions Australia: pioneering sustainable alternatives for animal farmers

Today in Parliament, Abigail gave notice of a motion commending the work of Farm Transitions Australia, a non-profit organisation supporting farmers transition away from animal agriculture into sustainable alternatives.

Abigail said:

I give notice that on the next sitting day I will move:

(1)     That this House notes that Farm Transitions Australia published a report in April 2024 using research from their comprehensive national survey conducted to gain deeper insights into farmers’ perspectives and readiness to transition with and without government support, and according to that report:

  • milk alternatives are increasingly replacing dairy products in response to consumer concerns about animal welfare, the environment, nutrition, profitability and individuals' changing their preferences, with rising awareness of animal cruelty resulting in an increasing number of consumers tending to avoid animal products altogether,
  • a significant 37.4% of participants expressed scepticism or uncertainty about the future sustainability of the dairy industry,
  • 54% indicated openness to exploring alternatives, and
  • 1% of farmers expressed willingness to transition away from dairy farming, and an additional 19% stated they were open to transitioning into horticultural or other business ventures if government support and assistance were provided.

(2)     That this House further notes that:

  • Farm Transitions Australia is Australia’s first non-profit organisation and registered charity providing free support for dairy and beef farmers looking to transition away from animal farming to more sustainable forms of plant-focused agriculture or into a different industry,
  • Farm Transitions Australia works collaboratively with smaller community-led animal rescue, rehoming and rehabilitation organisations to safely rehome cows leaving farms that are transitioning, and
  • meaningful change and a transition from current unsustainable practices also necessitates government support and intervention, through robust policies that facilitate a smooth and equitable transition to sustainable livelihoods.

(3)     That this House commends the work of Farm Transitions Australia in working toward a sustainable future for our planet and animals, and calls on the NSW Government to commit to provide support for farmers wishing to transition from the animal farming industry to sustainable alternatives.


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