Establishment of a Select Committee of Coercive Control

Today Abigail was pleased to be appointed to the joint select committee on coercive control. This comes after over a year of research and consultation in this space with leading academics and front-line workers.

Ms ABIGAIL BOYD (11:51:45): The Greens support the establishment of the committee. I find the comments that have been made quite interesting. In relation to committee composition, there is a longstanding problem with many of the upper House committees—not so much with the joint committees—where there is nothing even approaching gender parity. Often I find myself as the only woman on a committee. I note the comments from the Hon. Mark Latham about the potential conflict of having Parliamentary Secretaries and others on those committees. Unfortunately, I have been told before that, from the Government's perspective, the reason why there are not so many women on those committees is that they hold Ministerial and Parliamentary Secretary positions. I feel like we do not have a choice. I put on the record that The Greens take that point and we take conflicts of interest very seriously. But, in the circumstances, we support the Hon. Natalie Ward being on the committee.

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