Equal Pay for Equal Play

In Parliament today, Abigail successfully passed a motion to support the Equal Pay for Equal Play campaign. This is a step forward for the fight to end gender inequality in sport and in society. 

Abigail successfully moved the following: 

(1) That this House commends the Equal Pay for Equal Play NSW campaign led by professional athlete Lucy Small, which:

(a) highlights the inequitable conditions, opportunities, access, and supports that exist for women in sport, including the lack of any requirement for organisations to offer equal prize money for competitions; and

(b) calls on the New South Wales Government to take direct action to break down barriers to inclusion and participation faced by women and girls in sport.

(2) That this House notes:

(a) the immense role and contribution of women in the sporting industry; and

(b) the disproportionate underrepresentation, underpayment and inadequate support of women in the sporting industry, which discourages inclusion and participation.

(3) That this House supports the Equal Pay for Equal Play NSW campaign which seeks to mandate equal prize money for all people in sporting events in New South Wales, and enforcing gender equitable requirements for all State sporting grants, funding, and tenders.


The full text of the motion can be found in Hansard, here.

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