Dementia Awareness Month

Today Abigail successfully passed a motion recognising September 2021 as Dementia Awareness Month. 

Ms ABIGAIL BOYD (10:06): I move:

(1) That this House notes that:

(a) September 2021 was Dementia Awareness Month, a month which raises awareness for people living with dementia and encourages education about the impact of dementia;

(b) this year's theme was You Are Not Alone, which focused on breaking down barriers and stigma, to create more inclusive, compassionate and accessible communities where people with dementia and their families, friends and carers feel supported, advocated for, and do not feel isolated or alone;

(c) according to Dementia Australia, in a survey completed in 2019, 63 per cent of people living with dementia, and 73 per cent of family, friends or carers of people living with dementia, believed that discrimination against people with dementia is significant and common; and

(d) according to Dementia Australia, the number of people in Australia with dementia is set to double in the next 25 years from half a million people to one million people.

(2) That this House notes that there is significant work to be done in education and awareness for dementia and calls on the New South Wales Government to help raise awareness of dementia and to better support people in New South Wales living with dementia.


The full transcript can be found in Hansard, here.

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