Recognising the Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital - Australia's largest mobile wildlife hospital

Today in Parliament, Abigail gave notice of a motion commending the work of the Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital as Australia's largest wildlife hospital on wheels.

Abigail said:

I give notice that on the next sitting day I will move: 

(1) That this House notes that:

  • Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital is Australia’s largest mobile wildlife hospital, providing free professional veterinary services for injured, diseased, orphaned and displaced native Australian animals in the Northern Rivers region; 
  • according to Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital, it costs the hospital an average of $555 per wildlife patient for an initial consult, anaesthesia, X-rays, pain relief, fluid therapy and hospitalisation, not including the cost of medicines or surgery; 
  • Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital provides a wide range of expert services including animal rescue, veterinary care, recovery and rehabilitation for injured and abandoned wildlife, animal education and community engagement; 
  • the not-for-profit mobile hospital operates from within a custom-built semi-trailer affectionately known as Matilda, and is designed to efficiently pack up and travel across the Northern Rivers during emergency crises like bushfires, floods or oil spills; and 
  • with disasters caused by global warming occurring more frequently and intensely each year and most prominently affecting regions like the Northern Rivers, it is vital that frontline wildlife services like Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital are supported to do their important work.

(2) That this House commends the work of Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital in looking after Australian wildlife through rescue, recovery, rehabilitation and release endeavours, and calls on the NSW Government to commit to supporting Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital and other animal rescue, rehabilitation, rehoming and release services across the state.

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