Auslan Interpreters for all COVID pressers

Everyone should be able to access real-time information from the Government about COVID-19 and health orders. But currently, the NSW Government’s policy only requires Auslan interpreters to be present at COVID press conferences hosted by NSW Health. 

With 30,000 people across Australia requiring Auslan interpretation, there is no excuse for restricting live access to Government communications to a select few, and certainly not Government communications about COVID and health orders.

As we exited lockdown in October last year, the Premier’s office said that “there will be a range of media events some of which may include the services of Auslan interpreters and some of which may not”. This means that those requiring Auslan interpretation never know in advance if an interpreter will be available, and they won’t get access to most live communications concerning COVID  or health orders. 

With case numbers again climbing, limiting the reach of information about COVID by refusing to ensure live access to information to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community is not only excluding thousands of people from political communication, it’s putting all of our health at risk. 

Demand the Premier guarantee Auslan interpretation at all press conferences at which statements are made in relation to COVID or health orders.

For more information, see my speech in Parliament here.

Will you sign?