An insulting budget from an out-of-touch Coalition

The Greens have slammed the NSW Budget released today by Treasurer Matt Kean, calling it an insulting budget that is first and foremost about spin.

Quotes attributable to Abigail Boyd, Greens Treasury spokesperson: 

“The Treasurer has spent weeks buttering up the media with talk of his being a “women’s budget” and a “progressive budget”. But when you look at what’s actually being promised, there is very little that is concrete.

“Have they learned nothing from the federal election result? People want real action on climate and women, not rehashed commitments, hollow promises and this sort of ridiculous spin.

“The federal election showed us that the people of NSW are seeing through this sort of bullshit. Voters won’t be fooled by the spin and empty platitudes that make up this budget.

“Just $100 million for women’s safety ‘initiatives’ while 1 in 3 calls to sexual violence hotlines are still going unanswered — insulting. 

“Promising another school year when school infrastructure maintenance is decades behind and teachers are fleeing the profession — insulting.

“Crowing about investment in renewable energy when you’re 10+ years late and are hopelessly still relying on the market as being some saviours of the climate — insulting. 

“Throwing crumbs at climate adaptation measures when your climate change adaptation plan is over 6 years late and you’re the only state in Australia not to have one — insulting.”


The Greens’ budget response will be delivered by Abigail Boyd in the Legislative Council on Thursday.

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