4.2 Billion People Facing the Global Toilet Crisis

Abigail addressed Parliament on the topic of World Toilet Day 2021, and the disproportionate barriers to sanitation faced by women across the world.

Abigail said:

(1) That this House notes that:

(a) Friday 19 November 2021 is World Toilet Day, a day which celebrates and raises awareness about the 4.2 billion people across the world living without access to safe and sanitary toilets; and

(b) this year's theme is focused on "sustainable sanitation and climate change", which relates to the impact of climate change induced disasters on toilets across the world, and the importance of ensuring safe, accessible, and sustainable toilets for all people.

(2) That this House notes that:

(a) according to WaterAid Australia, women and girls face disproportionate gender inequality regarding their access to safe, hygienic and sanitary toilets, which includes access to acceptable public, school, workplace and private toilets, as well as access to affordable essential period products to combat increasing period poverty in Australia; and

(b) according to a report by the Australian Network on Disability titledDesign for Dignity Guidelines published in 2015, there is an urgent need for fully accessible toilets in public bathrooms as well as in homes, to provide dignified access for the over 20 per cent of Australians who live with a disability.

(3) That this House calls on the Government to commit to ensuring more accessible, inclusive, safe and sanitary toilets for all people in New South Wales, to support the global movement to end period poverty, and to tackle the global sanitation crisis.


The full transcript can be found in Hansard, here.

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