The NSW Liberal Government has learnt nothing from the Morrison Government’s climate defeat

The NSW Liberal-National Government has today recommended approval for the Mount Pleasant mine expansion in Muswellbrook, green-lighting the extraction by MACH Energy of more carbon than any other project approved by the IPC in NSW, and which will continue to operate for a further 22 years.

Quotes attributable to Greens NSW MP Abigail Boyd, Spokesperson for Energy and Spokesperson for the Hunter Valley:

“This decision by the NSW Liberal-National government is yet another example of the arrogance and ignorance that has led Australia to be an international climate pariah.

“Less than a fortnight after a resounding federal defeat the Coalition government has proven themselves incapable of learning or listening to the public when it comes to our environment.

“The Treasurer and Minister for Energy Matt Kean likes to cast himself as some bastion of climate change action, but he and his government are just as hopelessly complicit in wanton climate destruction as Barnaby Joyce and Scott Morrison.

“NSW saw a record number of safe Liberal seats turn Teal in the federal election, and across the country we saw a surge of support for the Greens, and it’s hard to imagine the NSW voting public will be any more forgiving of this climate criminality when the time comes to decide on our political leaders in next year’s State election.

“We urgently need a moratorium on new coal and gas projects across the country. It’s now incumbent on the newly elected federal Labor government to intervene swiftly to prevent this massively destructive fossil fuel project from going ahead,” said Ms Boyd.


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